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We are pleased to announce we have resumed selling our products at the Pearl Farmers Market. Look for us every Saturday from 9am-1pm.

To order from Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard, order online or call the farm store Mon.-Sat, from 9-3, to place a curbside order. We will take your order, package it and schedule a pick up at the gate. Thank you for supporting Sandy Oaks.

For Olive Tree orders please call (210) 621-0044 or email

SOOO Clean Hand Sanitizer. 

Due to the scarcity of hand sanitizer, we made a kit to sanitize your hands: Liquid Soap, Hand Sanitizer and Cream in small purse size containers so you can carry them with you.  The way to really sanitize your hands is to wash them, then use a sanitizer and finally a barrier of hand cream. We have included herbs and oils noted for their antiviral and antibacterial properties. 

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A short distance from downtown San Antonio, is one of the first commercial olive orchards in Texas, Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard, owned and operated by me, Saundra C. (Sandy) Winokur. When I bought the property in 1998, it was unimproved pasture land graced by ancient oaks. I fell in love with the huge oak trees and felt that because they thrive in the sandy soil of the farm, this would be a perfect place to start an orchard. Just as the oaks do, the olive trees I planted flourish. As a steward of the land, I grow the olive trees and other crops, sustainably, using only organic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

Revered throughout history by many cultures for its bounty, the olive tree bears olives to eat, from which a juice called olive oil is extracted. The leaves are brewed into a beneficial tea. The wood is used to make beautiful objects or as a source of clean fuel for cooking. My Initial goal was to produce quality extra virgin olive oil, but over time another goal arose to show the range of value-added culinary and skin-care products that can be made from the oil and the leaves. I am proud of the full range of products my staff and I have developed and continue to develop.
Knowledge gained should be knowledge shared. Education is one of my passions, so I often write essays to share what I have learned over the years about growing olive trees and other lessons from farming. You will find these on the website under Orchard. I have experimented with a number of growing methods such as spacing of trees, fertilizing, insect control and varieties that are suitable for Texas.
Additionally, I try to offer a new recipe once a month using olive oil. Cooking is another passion. I especially enjoying showing the versatility of olive oil in cooking, as well as the health benefits provided by using it as a major source of fat in your diet. Look for some of my favorite recipes in the kitchen section of our website.
Finally, Sandy Oaks isn’t just an olive orchard, I raise grass fed beef as well. Soon, I will begin to sell beef in bulk. You will be able to order a whole, side or quarter of a steer and specify the cuts you prefer.

New Items

Sandy Oaks Vinaigrette Kit 

We have put together a special Vinaigrette Kit. Select one Sandy Oaks Balsamic Vinegar (3.38 oz ea. or 100 ml ) you like. We will include two bottles of Sandy Oaks Olio Nuovo (3.38 oz ea. or 100 ml )and a bottle for you to mix your own vinaigrette. A great gift set for you or someone else who loves to cook.

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SOOO Herbal Insecticide 

Our natural Insecticide makes 3 gallons total. Each muslin bag contains enough herbs to make 3 quarts of tea.  Bring 3 quarts of water to a boil, drop 1 muslin tea bag into the water and boil 10-20 minutes, or until herbal tea turns brown.

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