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The Story Behind Our Sandy Oaks Culinary Products

For centuries the olive tree has been revered by many cultures for the gifts it provides. Every part of the tree is used from the leaves to the wood. It was considered so valuable that in ancient times an Athenian statesman enacted a law to protect the trees. Cutting down an olive tree was punished by death. Olive oil was used to pay taxes during Roman times. Tunisians were taxed hundreds of thousands of gallons annually. The oil from the tree was used to burn in lamps, for religious ceremonies, for the table, for the skin and for monetary exchange and trade. The ancients considered the use of olive oil and olives in the diet to bring good health and longevity.

My desire when I planted my olive orchard was to showcase all the products that can be made from the olive tree. At Sandy Oaks, like the growers throughout the centuries, we venerate this ancient tree and take joy in discovering just how many culinary products we can make from the olive tree, using its olives, oil, and leaves.

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