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Tree Planting Tips

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Tree Planting Tips & Care

Tree Planting Tips 

  • Olive Trees have shallow roots and should be planted so that the roots grow one foot below the soil.  Olive tree roots, unlike most trees, grow horizontally.  At the point on the trunk just above the roots, the trunk flares.  This is called the root flare and should be level with the ground when you plant the trees.  Look to trees in nature for your guide.
  • Wet the soil thoroughly where you are planting the tree. 
  • Dig a jagged hole, no larger or deeper than the size of the pot the tree is in.  If you have mycorrhiza fungi (can be purchased on line or at a really good nursery) throw a handful in the bottom of the hole before putting the tree in the hole.  Mycorrhiza fungi attach to the roots and enable the roots to mine the soil more effectively for nutrients.  This in turn results in a healthy tree better able to deal with stresses in the environment.  No other amendments to the soil are recommended.  It is best for the tree to grow in the soil that it will remain in.
  • Place the tree into the hole, fill with soil and press the soil gently around the tree to make sure there are no air pockets in the hole.
  • Water the tree thoroughly once it is planted.  If you see bubbles as you water, this indicates the tree has air pockets and you may need to add a bit more soil and pat it down again, still leaving the root flare level with the soil. 
  • As you water the tree for the next few weeks, check the soil with your finger to make sure the soil dries out between watering.  When the soil is dry about 3-5 inches below the top of the soil, WATER.
  • If you are planting the tree during the summer months be sure to plant your tree early in the day while it is still in the 70s to 80s.  You will be happier at that temperature and so will the tree.

Tree Care Once It Is Planted

  • Once the tree is in the ground fertilize to stimulate root development with a mixture of seaweed, fish emulsion and a drop of Super Thrive.  There are products that are premixed with this blend.  Medina Hastagro is one of these products.
  • It is also a good idea to top dress the tree with some form of aged manure.  At Sandy Oaks we use chicken litter.  Five pounds per tree is a good amount to use.  Scatter this along the drip line, not next to the trunk of the tree.
  • At the orchard, we top dress once a year and fertilize with the seaweed/fish emulsion mix every two weeks.
  • During the end of January and February, we fertilize using boron and manure to promote fruit growth and set.  Boron should be used only if your soil is lacking this nutrient. 

Tree Guarantee

  • Sandy Oaks does not offer returns or exchanges of trees.
  • Once trees leave Sandy Oaks, we do not have the ability to guarantee that the weather, plant predators, airborne plant diseases, soil diseases, the appropriateness of soil selected to plant the trees, or the care they receive will ensure that the trees selected will thrive or survive.  It is up to the individual gardener or farmer to pay attention to their trees’ needs and problems as they arise.
  • What we can do is supply you with healthy trees that have received our tender-loving care, are correctly identified as far as their variety, instructions for care and planting of the specific trees, and advise to help each tree do its best in its new home.  Once trees leave our nursery, we can take no responsibility for the health and lifespan of the trees, including whether they produce fruit or not.
  • Trees that are bought by our customers hold a huge and wonderful potential to bring life, beauty and inspiration to not only the landscape but to the gardener as well and will only come into their full glory if properly cared for.
  • Our trees are packaged and shipped with extreme care and loving concern for the trees and their new parent.  Sometimes, however, the shipper does not show the same level of concern.  If you receive trees that have been damaged in transit, you must contact us immediately and send a photograph of the shipping box and the condition of the plants when you received them.  We cannot help you unless you follow these steps and do so immediately.  If you wait beyond two weeks, then we will not replace the trees.  Moreover, if we judge that the trees were fine when you received them, but for some reason have not thrived under your care, we will not replace the trees.

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